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9 Sunday February 2014 | home

AVExciters AVE is a collective of Architects and Designers specialized in digital prototyping and new technologies. At the border between real and vir- tual, it tends through the realization of micro-architectures and interactive installations to the...

Julien Colombier

9 Sunday February 2014 | home

Julien Colombier Fabrication of dreams “Painting for me is an act of appropriating reality. I press this wonderful and stupid world to try and extract some of its poetry and absurdity. I work with mental images, with urgency of transcribing them onto...

Pascale Robert

9 Sunday February 2014 | home

What pushes Pascale Robert to paint his friends and family in their worst tomfoolery, for 15 years now , is in between the nasty trick and kindness Stabbing in the back with camera as a weapon around a table during parties when people are drunk, or just...

Thomas Canto

9 Sunday February 2014 | home

Born in1979, lives and works in France. Thomas Canto transposes his personal vision of his environment on canvas; proposing an abstract and duplicate vision to the disorganized entanglement of the mixtures of his urban life. On one hand, the city in sections...


9 Sunday February 2014 | home

Pixtil is a graphic design studio formed by a duo of designers and digital textile graduate ensci. After working in different agencies,  Delphine Saltet and Olivier Paradeise decided to unite their world in a common script. They imagine collections of...

Les Bonus Artistes

9 Sunday February 2014 | home

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La galerie

Prenez le temps de vous promener dans la maison. Vous prolongerez votre expérience visuelle au grès des expositions temporaires mises en place dans toutes les parties communes. Le salon En...