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Roll’Studio – Music Lovers

19 Tuesday March 2013 | Cityguide

A novel place, a secret address, a place we like …

This is the kind of address that we want to share and keep it for ourselves … Norbert Claude and Claire Abram offers Jazz!

The atmosphere, a vaulted room, with one perfect acoustics, intimate and generous!

In the Panier district between Vieille Charité and Place des Moulins: the ROLL’STUDIO. A place for music lovers!

Every Saturday, except during school holidays, the school becomes a concert venue, providing a stage for musicians usually regional, but not only.

Depending on availability, the ROLL’STUDIO can accommodate a rehearsal, an artists’ residence, an audio or video recording.

It is also a music school, the Association provides children primarily from the neighborhood, initiation and teaching music geared towards classical music and jazz, educating their way to other forms of expression than their are usually available.

Programming here




Roll’Studio – 17 Rue des Muettes 13002 Marseille
Contact: +33(0)4 91 64 43 15 ou +33(0)6 86 72 83 96